Custom tailored business suits & shirt

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Brno is not only involved in individual customer tailoring. One of our other services is the production of clothing for small and large business groups. Brno offers this service for companies and brands that plan to provide special clothing for their employees’ uniforms in their workplace.

Based on the work policies and the environment of companies, Brno offers them unique fabrics and tailoring, so that the uniforms would be responsive to the needs of employees in different positions, and also compatible with organization policies.

To begin the process, we need companies to provide us with information about the work environment and the work etiquette of their employees and chairmen during a meeting. after choosing the appropriate appearance of the company or institution, the Brno team can be present at the company’s place for measurements.


Face-to-face meetings to negotiate and show case fabrics

Designing based on the organization identity

Try on & fitting

Delivery with 6 weeks