On this page, we mentioned a series of questions that costumers may have as their concerns about orders. If you have other questions in your mind, you can contact our experts from the contact us section and share your questions through communication channels provided.


Where are Brno product made in?

in Brno, We are making our clothes by using the art and skill of Italian sewing and the most luxurious European fabrics in three sewing houses based in Naples/Italy, Istanbul/Turkey and  Tehran/Iran

How to order Brno products?

You can buy or commission an order both in person (by taking appointment on the before hand) at the Brno store or order online through our Website, our WhatsApp and Instagram accounts.

what are the Brno brand’s services?

Our products are to being served in three departments of ready-to-wear – customized clothing and designing for corporates uniforms and managers.

Do Brno products only include custom made clothing?

No, you can also choose and buy from our ready-to-wear line! We provide a great amount of ready-to-wear goods specialized in men’s style

what actions should customers take for measurements and attire selection?

You can get an appointment via email, WhatsApp or calling the store.

Other FAQs

How long will the preparation and delivery process take?

The time required is considered from two to six weeks, depending on the selected tailor house and fabrics.

what is the principal style of Brno productions?

Brno has a main focus on formal style, but business formal and black tie ( for grooms ) are also offered.

By whom and how will the style and shopping consultation be done?

Our stylists in Brno with high academic knowledge and rich experience in consulting and styling are ready to serve, both in person and online (via WhatsApp(

In case of any faults or possible problems, what are the guarantee service that Brno have in mind for customers?

There is no room to worry about, our consultants will teach you how to properly maintain the clothes, and in case of discrepancies and possible problems, Brno will be by your side until the problem is completely solved.

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