Made To Measure

You can easily find chic and well-fitted garments from our ready to wear line but bespoke products will be tailored specially based on your measurements and personality

In Brno store, our consultants identify and apply the necessary changes in your attire based on your body type. In this regard, we try to provide flawless products and aim to not neglect any details. Brno’s recommendations are based on a person’s body shape, body defects and silhouettes.

we offer you a wide range of tailoring styles. You can get a garment of your desired style within a certain period of time.

we have collected a larg collection of ready-to-wear trousers and shirts, so that you can experience a faster shopping. Customers who incline to use our custom made services, can chat with our consultants in a completely private space. All the details of the selected attires, will be desired by the customer. All details, like materials, design and very needed aspects will be determined during this meeting.



You can contact our consultants via WhatsApp for measurements or visit our store in person.

Matching your style to your personality

with the expertise of our stylists, we help you to make the best choice based on your own taste.


All measurements and our suggestions will be based on your body type.  You’ll get the ideal figure with the attire you wish for.


Your orders will be delivered to your door within 3 to 6 weeks, after processing and fixing the defects.


After delivering your orders, our team will keep in touch with you for any probable issues.


The most influential part of men's style charm (appeal beauty) is due to the right choice of fabrics. Fabric is your second skin and should be chosen carefully. Brno's access to all kinds of exquisite Italian and England fabrics will answer all your needs for special attires.

The Made to Measure line of Naples tailoring house provides different and everlasting goods and products by utilizing the art and the crafts of famous and popular Neapolitan tailors, It should be noted that the sewing techniques, details and fabrics of Napoli Line are different from other tailoring houses of Brno.

The Made To Measure line of Tehran tailoring House is suitable for people who are looking for a custom made suit in the shortest time. It should be noted that the cuts and most parts of the fabrics, used in Tehran Line, are same as those, in the Istanbul Brno tailoring house. the difference is just in handcraft and details.

The Made to Measure line of Istanbul tailoring house brings you a different experience of paying attention to the details and good feeling of a completely hand made suit. It should be also reminded that the cutting patterns and some of the fabrics of the Istanbul Brno line are same as those, in the Tehran Brno tailoring house, and the difference is in handcraft and details.